The world is becoming closer each day, bringing various nationalities, languages and cultures together, creating one complex society. While each person’s desires are different, it is important to respect each other and find mutually beneficial solutions.

We believe that the world will be a better place if bosses can coach their staff, if parents can coach their children and if teachers can coach their students.


What is NLP Coaching Association Pte. Ltd. ?

  • NLP Coaching Association Pte. Ltd. is a NLP coaching training company.
  • We provide coaching training to create the world’s top coaches.
  • We deliver highest standard skills and we aim to mentor talented people who can effect positive change in the world.


Our mission

Our mission is to develop world class talent and leaders.
 - We are committed to make positive contribution to society.


About Chinatsu


Who would benefit the most?

  • People who wish to improve their communication skills.
  • People who wish to influence others positively.
  • Companies aiming to develop world class talent.
  • Team leaders.
  • People who wish to work globally.
  • Business owners who wish to reset their business missions.
  • People who are looking for a unique and meaningful training.
  • Companies looking for ex-pat staff training
  • Business owners who wish to have better staff retention.
  • People who are struggling with multicultural circumstances.
  • People who will be working abroad.


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Our vision is of a society where every business has its’ own NLP trainer.

In order to achieve our vision, we start by focusing on training business leaders who contribute the world economy. They will then train their own staff which will increase staff motivation and staff retention. Imagine, all your staff using their initiative and having pride in their work. This will lead to an improvement in your company performance and customer satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to promote basic coaching skills to the point that everybody naturally has it so they can self-coach themselves, maintain their mental & physical health, respect others and enjoy their lives to the full. It would be wonderful to have such a society and we would like to help to create this through our services.