As a contract employee in my company, 
I was offered a permanent position with a 25% increase in salary.
At Chinatsu NLP, you will also learn about social structures, 
business skill that are not within NLP. Hence, 
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn a comprehensive approach.

  • Q.What made you apply for this course?
     Initially, I wanted to move to Hawaii to be with my family and run a business about human resource development retreat, but my work visa made it difficult to do so. In the process of searching for a business consultant, I came to know about Ms. Chinatsu. I found out that NLP coaching is the basis of many things, so I decided to take the certification course.
  • Q.Has there been any change since you took the course?
    The biggest change in my life since learning NLP Coaching is that I have a better understanding of myself. I am now able to see things from a broader perspective than before, and I feel that my axis has become even stronger. I think that knowing yourself also means face the things you need to improve. I used to find it difficult to admit this, but now I am able to do so honestly.
     There are two things that have changed through my work. Firstly, I was working on a financial project as an outsourced employee, but the company I was contracted to work for offered me a 25% increase in annual salary to become a permanent employee.
     Secondly, to improve my own project management skills (staffing, communication between project members). I now have a clearer idea of how to develop people in the future through my business.
  • Q.What are your future plans?
    I would like to use my experience as a professional manager and my coaching skills to provide unique human resource development in Japan and overseas. I would also like to provide value-added services to people who feel the gap between their "current position" and their "ideal position".

    The reasons are
    1. Because in the future, more and more comprehensive survival skills on an individual level will be needed, and we feel the need to develop such human resources. I feel the need to train people to be able to earn an income and do business beyond the boundaries of being employee.
    2. I want my business to be an opportunity for myself and others to find happiness and new values.
    3. I want to help people who feel the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.
  • Q.Who would you recommend these course to?
    - People who want to learn more about themselves and their personalities based on their field of interests.
    - People who want to learn more about social structures, business and other aspects of NLP comprehensively.

Ms.Maho Kawata

Company Employee

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