New sales channels in Paris, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore!
Improved staff productivity by deploying the right people in the right places.
In 2019, the company was awarded 
the International Taste Institute Crystal Taste Prize.

  • Q.What made you apply for this course?
     I was researching on how to deal with my children and expand my business in the future. Then I came across Chinatsu's blog and was struck by the existence of NLP and the fact that she had actually studied and embodied NLP. After reading the words of the graduates and seeing Chinatsu's passion for NLP and the amount of knowledge she had, I knew that she was the only person I needed to learn NLP from and applied to become an NLP practitioner.
  • Q.Has there been any change since you took the course?
     The course has helped me to be aware of “what customers truly want” in the words that customers use unconsciously. This has made me take a better approach to our customers, be it face-to face or online and hence increase our sales results. It is because of this NLP course, I can now recognise and understand the differences with others, capture the essence of what they say unconsciously and be aware of how much of these can be translated into results.

     In the past, there were communication gaps between staff members in my company. "Why can't I communicate my opinion to this person?” However, as I continued to practice NLP-based communications, I am able to naturally convey my viewpoints to my staff and get their understanding and hence their awareness began to change as a whole.
  • Q.What are your future plans?
     In the future, we will continue to make products that will please our customers all over the world, and we will continue to "go for it" in order to expand our business both domestically and internationally, while maintaining our core business philosophy and commitment.
     I will also continue my life's work as a coach, helping people to achieve their goals in a positive way, rather than living in a mopey state.
     Whether you are in a small country or a small business, you can make a big difference by learning and applying the knowledge and skills to your life. I will continue to share my message within my company and to the community.
  • Q.Who would you recommend these courses to?
    - People who are in managerial position in a company or community.
    - People who need to communicate effectively in their work.
    - People who find it difficult to communicate effectively.
    - People want to learn NLP and apply it, not just studying it.
    - People who want to work globally.

Ms.Yuki Hashizume

Manufacturer and retail of processed fruit products

  • NLP Practitioner Certification Course
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

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